Carbon Abatement Handbook

The purpose of this report is to provide practical support to practitioners who are calculating the carbon abatement from ICT (Information and Communication Technology).

This handbook includes a summary of existing methodologies, examples of calculations, and a set of carbon abatement factors. Carbon abatement is the measurement of the carbon savings resulting from the use of ICT products and services. A common example of this is the use of video conferencing which reduces or avoids the need to travel to a physical meeting, and thus reduces the carbon emissions caused by travelling.

This handbook has been developed as a companion to the Mobile Carbon Impact report. Whereas the “Mobile Carbon Impact” report focusses solely on mobile communications technology, this handbook has a wider scope, being applicable to all of ICT.
The carbon abatement factors are presented as a summary table in this handbook, and also in the format of an accompanying excel spreadsheet available on the GeSI Intranet that makes is easier to look up the assumptions and references for each abatement mechanism. The carbon abatement factors are reproduced from the “Mobile Carbon Impact” report, and from analysis carried out by or for individual ICT companies. For the GeSI members who would like to have access to the excel spreadsheet, please contact the GeSI secretariat (

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