Fixed network operators energy efficiency benchmark

Energy efficiency and carbon management are becoming increasingly important for ICT companies as they focus on driving down environmental footprint

Telecom operators need to be able to understand how they can improve their energy efficiency performance in relation to their peers. Unfortunately reporting methodologies are not yet satisfactory due to a lack of standard and consistent Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). In fact, fixed and mobile operators use different methodologies for calculating their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions making KPIs incomparable. No mechanism is available that would provide fixed and mobile operators with standardised benchmarks to assist their energy and emissions reduction activities.

GeSI was quick to respond to this issue by commissioning the development of a framework of standard energy efficiency KPIs for fixed operators. Supplementing the GSMA’s framework of energy efficiency KPIs for mobile operators, our project aims to:

Identify standard energy efficiency KPIs for telecom operators;

  • Conduct a pilot benchmarking exercise to test, fine-tune and validate the proposed standard;
  • Provide a tool-kit to be used by fixed operators to monitor their energy efficiency performance in time;
  • Create the basis for an energy efficiency best practices platform;
  • Demonstrate fixed network operators’ commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency

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