Human Rights Issues Matrix for the ICT Sector – Developing Markets

This issues matrix seeks to map the various potential human rights impacts of the ICT industry – positive and adverse

This issues matrix is organised according to a broad categorisation of the industry (service provider, manufacturer, supply chain) and affected group or ‘rightsholder’. Within each affected group, it lists particularly vulnerable sub-groups, which might be impacted in particular ways. Separate matrices have been compiled for developed, and developing countries.The matrix has been prepared in response to a request from GeSI members to understand the breadth of human rights issues in the sector, and to be given some support in how to prioritise and focus their efforts on addressing human rights. Existing company best practices and industry initiatives already address a number of these issues, as illustrated by the colour coding, and provide an opportunity for sharing or learning. In some areas, we have yet to identify action and there are possible gaps where GeSI might consider supporting its members to identify best practices.

There are two annexes to this matrix, the first of which provides a list of the current industry initiatives and company best practices identified. The second annex links the various issues back to the individual human right(s) contained in the Universal Declaration.

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