Building a sustainable world

GeSI is the leading source for impartial, credible information on existing and emerging issues in the area of ICT and sustainability.

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#SMARTer2030 - ICT Solutions for 21st Century Challenges

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How digital solutions will drive progress towards the sustainable development goals

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Momentum for Change

Winners of 2017 UN climate solutions awards announced

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E-TASC is the ICT industry standard solution for improving the environmental and social practices within the supply chain. The community is supported by an operational working group and an executive council which drive adoption of the initiative, recommend improvements to the tool and advise on best practices.

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The Sustainability Assessment Framework (SASF) is a comprehensive assessment framework for the evaluation of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) products and services in terms of environmental, human rights and utility aspects as well as benefits.

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In collaboration with members from major ICT companies and organisations around the globe, GeSI is a leading source of impartial information, resources and best practices for achieving integrated social and environmental sustainability through ICT.

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