PRESS RELEASE: Numana and CIRODD join the Digital with Purpose (DwP) Movement

Digital with Purpose Movement welcomes Numana and CIRODD as Members.

Published on: Aug 5, 2021 | Written by: Mark Evans

We are very pleased to announce that Numana and CIRODD are joining the Digital with Purpose (DwP) Movement initiated by the Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative (GeSI). 

Numana is a catalyst for technological ecosystems that create more value for the industry and Quebec. The company develops and oversees growth-generating projects that have major social and economic value for the technology industry and builds strategic innovation ecosystems. Numana has a vision going forward, it analyses data and predicts future needs to respond to the challenges of tomorrow. 

CIRODD is the first strategic cluster in the operationalization of sustainable development in Quebec, funded by the Quebec organism, FRQ-NT/SC. It contributes to accelerating the sustainable and intelligent transformation of Quebec society through the collaborative implementation of sustainable innovation mechanisms in a transdisciplinary manner.

Joining the DwP Movement and partnering with GeSI is an important step for Numana and CIRODD. Accessing the unique DwP framework will support our organizations to further develop responsible practices particularly important to the company. Metrics covering multiple areas from digital trust and responsibility to circular economy, digital inclusion, and supply chain will not only support them in carbon reduction but also guide their path to a more responsible business activity for both themselves, their customers, and Quebec.   

“It is with great honour that Numana and the CIRODD are participating in the official launch of the Digital with Purpose Movement” said François Borrelli, CEO of Numana. “The Government of Quebec is committed to fight against climate change and develop such sustainable strategies, backed by a budget of $6.7 billion over 5 years.” said Mohamed Cheriet, Professor at ETS Montreal and CIRODD General Director. 

“In order for the ICT industry to meet the challenging targets of the Paris Agreement and UN Sustainable Development Goals, it requires visionary leadership and ambition, and we are proud to be partnering with Numana and the CIRODD to collaborate on this agenda that puts the future health of society and our planet as a priority,” said GeSI CEO Luis Neves.  

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