Coltan Mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo:

How tantalum-using industries can commit to the reconstruction of the DRC

This report gives a factual background to the extraction of coltan, its refining to tantalum metal and its ultimate use in many different types of equipment. The report had been researched and written by Fauna & Flora International (FFI). 

In commissioning this work GeSI chose not to take the easy approach of supporting a ban on the use of coltan, but rather to support the development of a controlled trading system. In particular we would welcome a positive and transparent economic intervention that will, under the national and international frameworks for reconstruction of the DRC, support local livelihood development, social stability, economic regeneration and conservation benefit.

Achievement of this objective will require support  from, and more particularly partnership between, all parties of the tantalum supply chain - from refiners to end users, as well as international institutions and appropriate non-governmental organizations.

Members of GeSI are ready and willing to play our part in such an initiative and we call on an appropriate international organization, independent of any particular industry sector, to take the lead in making this happen. GeSI will continue to support FFI’s work in this area and members of GeSI will work with companies in their own supply chains to ensure that they address this issue.

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