ICT solutions for sustainable lifestyles

ICT solutions for sustainable lifestyles Workshop Report

Being woken up every morning by your digital alarm, checking e-mails from colleagues on your way to work, monitoring your energy consumption through smart meters, communicating and networking with your family and friends, and using your GPS or smartphone to find a proper restaurant for tonight. Information and communication technology (ICT) is all around us. This is why it matters how we use it. ICT can play a significant role in enabling us to live more sustainably and move to a more intelligent use of our time, energy and resources. Some examples of green ICT solutions include the use of smart technologies in key sectors of the economy such as smart grids, buildings or intelligent transport systems, which can dramatically reduce energy consumption globally, as well as cut down GHG emissions. The challenge today is to move from theory to practice, and put in place the right measures and policy frameworks to fully scale up green ICT solutions. Raising awareness and providing information need to go hand in hand with providing adequate products, infrastructure and facilities. The joint WRF, ITU, GeSI and HP workshop aimed to showcase promising ICT solutions helping consumers to be more sustainable and resource-efficient. It also presented the views of different organizations working on green ICT solutions. The long-term objective of this event was to create dialogue on the role of ICT in enabling sustainable lifestyles among stakeholders ranging from social scientists to industry and policy-makers.

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